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Hebei Golden Dragon Tea Co., Ltd. was established in 1991 and professionally specialized in the integrative management of tea planting, scientific research, production and sales of tea. It had won the invention patent approved by the State Intellectual Property Office of P.R.C with its Patent Number is ZL 200410012158 and authorization announcement number is CNl271910C. Health-promoting tea/Raw black tea is a kind of vegetable edible chrysanthemum cultivated through special methods and its sprout, stalk, flower and bud can be formulated reasonably after refinement in order to produce the drinking tea. It is definitely safe because this kind of plant has properties of both medicine and food. Shijiazhuang which locates at a longitude of 115and a latitude of 40is very suitable for the growth of the plant for its pleasant soil structure, climate, sunshine and day-night temperature difference. (1) The raw material has been passed the inspection of Institute of Product Quality Inspection which belongs to Hebei Administration of Product Quality Technical Supervision. The results showed that no Hg, Pb, arsenic, nitrite, malathion, bhc and DDT was found. (2) The Staff room of Nutrition & Food Health of Hebei Medical University had found special flavoid, flavonol, naphtha, -carotene, Se, ascorbic acid, lactoflavin and thiamine after the test which had all meet the standard of the national food standard after the inspection of the National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for Fruit and Agricultural Product (2006).(3) Enterprise standard: Q04HBJL-2007. We have Jinchi Brand which is a registered trademark and we also have our independent brand systemthe product also get Intellectual Property allowance from the state .

The patent had won the Golden Prize of Hongkong World Expo with an intangible asset of 0.2 billion US dollars which was evaluated by Hongkong Hongda International Asset Appraisal Co., Ltd. Health-promoting tea/Raw black tea is made up of pure natural materials and many rare plants. It tastes sweet and a little bitter and warm in nature, and a bit mellow in flavor without any additive and toxic or side effect. It can help you to quench your thirst by promoting the saliva secretion, to promote digestion and assimilation, to improve your physical fitness, to promote your health. You can enjoy a good sleep and become energetic if you drink Health-promoting tea/Raw black tea. Suitable group of population: people busy with their study or work, who prones to fatigue, brainworkers, middle and old-aged people and those who fond of smoking and drinking. The liquor color is very clear with a high durance of dipping. The price is 10 to 15 times cheaper than that of the average tea. It is recommended that people can drink one bag for a day or two days in order to prevent the occurrence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease. Through researches for more than 10 years and nearly one thousand clinical experiments, we have proved that the tea has an obvious effect on insomnia, constipation, whiny mood, sub-healthy, sweating, irascibility, bad memory, depression, numbness of limbs, tumidness, cold limbs and asthma. It has special effect for patients suffered from hyperglycemia and hyperlipemia.

Functions: Invigorating vital energy to enhance body force, promoting the production of body fluid to promote blood flow, controlling the blood pressure, improving the sleep, reducing the tiredness, improving the microcirculation and enhancing the immunity.

Organic compounds: Catechin, epicatechin, cormflower pigment, flavonoid, pelargidenon 1449, fisetin, digitoflavone, acacetin, flavonols, kaempferide, myricetin, morin, meletin, eldrin, quinone glycoside of anthocyanidin, saponin of chrysanthemum, palmitic acid and palmitic acid.

Indication: 1. Diabetes in combination with angiocardiopathy, emaciation of body, tiredness and debilitation, cold and tinglingnumbness of limbs, occasional acroaesthesia, chest distress and cardiopalmus, or hemiplegia, petechia and ecchymosis of tongue.

2. The symptoms caused by pathogemetic qi entering into veins and arteries after the long-term diabetes, for example, the early stage of angeitides, cold of limbs and attenuation of arteriole impulse.

Action: This product is a completely natural tea for health care and is prepared by using various rare plants and tea. It is sweet and slightly bitter in taste and warm in nature. It can greatly nourish the renal qi, enhance the physical capacity, resolve the inefficiency in the QI of five ZANG-organs, improve both the consumptive disease and the thin and weak, enhance the metabolism and regeneration capacity of the cells all over the body, and make the skin smooth and tender. The pharmacological study confirms that this product has an effect on the metabolism of glucose to reduce the blood glucose, has the synergistic action with insulin to improve the symptom of diabetes, and can make the urine glucose and blood glucose of patient with the levis diabetes decreased by 40~50%. Among the patients with the medium-type diabetes, this product can reduce the dose of insulin for the patient taking in the insulin except improving the symptom of whole body. The effects of this product on the microcirculation system mainly include the heart-enhancing function and the action of double control on the high or low blood pressure. There have the good therapeutic effects on the diabetes in combination with hyperpiesia, the cardiac muscle dystrophy, the coronary arteriosclerosis and the angina pectoris etc. This tea can promote blood flow and remove angina pectoris. The finding of pharmacological study indicate that this tea can reduce the levels of total cholesterol, total lipids, glycerol trinitrate and non-esterified fatty acid in serum and can prevent and treat the diabetes in combination with angiocardiopathy. It also can reduce blood glucose and blood fat, improve microcirculation, reduce blood viscosity, decrease tiredness, postpone aging, keep face in a good state, enhance physical capacity and improve sleep and can be used to the premenstrual abdominal pain.

Method:When this tea is soaked in a cup, the inner bag is place into the cup containing water following tearing the aluminium plastic bag. Water is added to the cup containing half water until the tea juice is exhausted completely. The usage for the patients with the diabetic complications is six bags per kettle each time and at least 10 cups of water one day. If these patients drink and eat strictly according to the dietary, they can stop using the blood glucose-reducing drug. Drinking strictly according to dietary, the blood glucose is basically normal without rebound with 3~6 months. The normal person also can drink this product at the usage of one bag each day and can get the enhanced physical capacity. The usage of three bags one day is recommended for combination of syndromes during climacteric period, insomnia, constipation, tantrum, swear due to weakness, morbid forgetfulness, limbs anesthesia, tricks cold and attenuation of arteriole impulse, and then the symptoms disappear basically with the recovery to health.

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